La Huelga beach in Llanes - panoramic view

La Huelga beach, Llanes, Asturias

29 November, 2014

Very few non-locals know La Huelga beach because it’s quite secluded – that is not a bad thing considering how crowded the beaches of Llanes usually are.
La Huelga beach and its companion: Castro de las Gaviotas

La Huelga is a sandy beach, 180 meters wide and quite extended with high tide. You can get here by car, by bike or on foot starting from the village of Villahormes (also from Hontoria) in Llanes.

This beach does not have amenities, no lifeguard, no real parking (I mean you can park here on someone’s property but it’s quite small and usually full in the summer or during weekends).

With high tide its surface is considerably smaller and mostly under water due to the river San Cecilio flowing here into the sea.

You will have to cross the river to explore the entire beach because there is a small sandy area right when you enter the beach, then you have to cross the river and only after that you will discover the rest of the beach.

Actually not the rest… the real La Huelga beach. And its companion, of course: the peculiar rock called El Castro de las Gaviotas (meaning the Rock of the Seagulls).

What else? Oh, there is a small wooden table and 2 benches in case you want to have a picnic near the beach.

And if you practice surf you will find La Huelga beach a suitable surfing spot, like a lot of beaches in Asturias actually are. It is also a good fishing spot, if you love fishing.

I want to make you curious: nearby there’s a beautiful small elongated beach that is quite peculiar but not unique for Llanes. Download our beach guide: AsturPlaya, who knows what you might discover just 2 minutes away?

Weather forecast for La Huelga beach


Video: La Huelga beach in Llanes

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