Panoramic view of La Guardada beach in Muros de Nalón Asturias, Spain

La Guardada beach, Muros de Nalón, Asturias

3 December, 2014

La Guardada beach is something of a mystery for me, mainly because it doesn’t show up on maps, nor on official tourism websites nor on the indicators along the road. But once you arrive at the village of San Esteban de Pravia in Muros de Nalón, you will find an indicator near the beach called EL Garruncho pointing you towards La Guardada beach.
La Guardada beach and the San Esteban de Pravia breakwaters seen from the coastal trail
Second of all, I have never seen La Guardada with really low tide. What you see in the images is with high tide and as you can see, there is almost nothing there, the entrance to the “beach” is a bit weird and there is concrete where sand or gravel is supposed to be.

I’m not sure if low tide uncovers a much bigger surface where you can put a towel on, my hunch is that it doesn’t make much of a difference. So why is this place so important to convince me to add it to this blog and to our beach app AsturPlaya?

Well, first of all getting here is easy (La Guardada is located right to the West of the Nalón estuary) and so you will most probably arrive here, park your car and wonder what is this place.

Second of all this place is the start of a coastal trail called Senda Verde (Green Path) or Ruta de Los Miradores (official translation being The Scenic Balcony Trail) (part of a bigger one that covers the entire Asturian coastline called E-9 or Senda Norte).

The trail starts here, in San Esteban de Pravia and ends at the Aguilar beach where the municipality of Muros de Nalón also ends. It is quite popular (and long, like 5 km long), be it spring, summer or fall (even winter, why not).

Some technicalities about La Guardada beach and its neighbors

The beach (if we can call it this way) does not have amenities but it benefits from the ones of its neighbor El Garruncho (mainly toilets and showers). They also share the parking which is quite big and the restaurant nearby and it does not benefit from a lifeguard service even though El Garruncho has it (I believe it is only present there during weekends) 🙂

La Guardada beach and the San Esteban de Pravia breakwaters seen from the coastal trail

La Guardada beach neighbours

Well, I have plenty to tell you about the neighbors and I already mentioned EL Garruncho but a bit further towards West El Garruncho joins the beach of El Focarón (with low tide).

Towards East, on the other side of the Nalón Estuary (as seen in the image above) you will see one extensive sandy area, about 3 km long. 2 beaches are sharing it, first one being Los Quebrantos beach and the second one being Playón de Bayas.

These 2 sides of the estuary couldn’t be more different. In San Esteban de Pravia we have small beaches of rocks and gravel while on the other side there are extensive beaches of sand, perfect for surf. Here is a list with all the beaches of Muros de Nalón, if you wish to have a glimpse of what you will see if you love trekking and decide to take the coastal trail.

Weather at La Guardada beach


Video: La Guardada beach in Muros de Nalón

Timelapse with sunset near La Guardada beach, in San Esteban de Pravia, Asturias

Hey, I forgot to mention how awesome sunsets are here! Check this video:

The most spectacular sunset of 2014 in Asturias – San Esteban de Pravia from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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