La Franca beach seen from Pimiango

La Franca beach, Ribadedeva, Asturias

10 October, 2014

It’s a very popular beach due to its proximity to the village of La Franca, its accessibility and its size. In contrast to the majority of the beaches in Asturias, it has a triangular shape and the river (called Cabra) creating it is not dividing it in the middle, but it’s flowing nicely near its Western side.

La Franca beach in RibadedevaThe beach is located in the municipality of Ribadedeva, the very last one belonging to Asturias – so it benefits from receiving tourists visiting both Asturias and Cantabria.

The beaches in Ribadedeva are amazing, I love this municipality and, although far away from the heart of Asturias, I recommend you visit its coastline where you will be truly impressed by the landscape, people and gastronomy! (Pimiango comes constantly to my mind as a good place to visit, having also a main attraction: the Mendía cove!)

This beach has everything tourists might need, including the possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas (as you can see in one of the photos in the gallery above).

Some extra info about La Franca beach

260 meters wide beach of sand with lots of amenities: showers, toilets, lifeguard in the summer months, a big parking (not big enough in high season). It’s surrounded by bars and restaurants and it even has a camping nearby. A good fishing spot also.

The surprise next door – El Oso beach

At low tide, if you happen to be near the Eastern side of La Franca, you’ll find that suddenly the rocks are not in the sea anymore and a path of sand opens up in front of you (in the picture at the right).

Path between the rocks that takes to the beach calle El OsoIf you continue to walk between these walls of rocks you will discover a tiny beach that is called El Oso (“the bear”).

It has scattered rocks covered with algae all over the place giving you the impression that you have discovered something hidden, never see before by anyone.

For us exploring it was one of those beautiful surprises that you will constantly enjoy when visiting the coastline and it is a feeling that I wish you to experience too. El Oso beach is a very good way to start exploring Asturias!

And if you continue to walk even further away from La Franca you will discover another wall of rocks that will take you close to another beach called Mendía – not quite on the beach since this barrier of sharp rocks is (almost) impossible to climb – but close enough to admire it from a safe distance – the app AsturPlaya can take you there if you’re curious, download it now!

Weather at La Franca beach


Video: La Franca beach

La Franca beach in Ribadedeva, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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