La Entrada beach in Niembro, Llanes, Asturias

La Entrada beach, Llanes, Asturias

29 November, 2014

Finding La Entrada beach is rather easy, most of the beaches in the municipality of Llanes being quite accessible, with parking, amenities, some of them urban and surrounded by bars, restaurants and accommodation.

La Entrada (also known as La Barra beach) is not an exception, the only thing that might confuse you is that it’s hidden behind an estuary that with high tide might “engulf” the beach altogether.

Niembro estuary near La Entrada beach in Niembro, Llanes, AsturiasYou can get to this beach by car taking as a reference point the village of Niembro towards West and the village of Barro towards East.

Better said, La Entrada beach can be found between the beaches of Toranda / Niembro towards West and Barro & Xiglú towards East. Better this way!

The Niembro estuary is quite visible from the main road so it’s impossible to get lost – if you are prone to getting lost, like I am, make sure you download our beach app Asturplaya – it will take you to La Entrada in no time!

The parking is facing the estuary and is rather small so prepare to see it full during the summer months. You can also leave the car in Niembro and walk to La Entrada, it’s the better option during summer weekends.

Once here you will first see the Niembro church (built in 1794!) and its cemetery, being located right in the estuary.

Walking towards the sea and following the course of the river will take you to a few picnic areas and a children playground – this is the recreational area of La Boriza.

Walking even further away from the parking and towards the sea will finally take you to the beach – quite extended with low tide (50 meters long actually) but almost invisible with high tide and without amenities, nor lifeguard.

Western side of La Entrada beach in Niembro, Llanes, AsturiasEastern side of La Entrada beach in Niembro, Llanes, Asturias

If you’re into fishing, then you will love La Entrada beach no matter the tide 🙂

If you’re into surfing then you will love the estuary more than the beach since its calm waters make the place perfect for standup paddle. You will see this place full of surfers all year round!

Weather at La Entrada beach in Llanes


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