Panoramic view of La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain

La Barca beach, Castrillón, Asturias

4 December, 2014

I must say this is a beach that you might never be able to get close to and I am not sure I advise you to. I even removed it from our beach app AsturPlaya because I do not want you to look for it on purpose, especially since in the app I cannot stress how much I think this beach is not for the unprepared.
Western side of La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain
It’s for the ones with good shoes and that know that getting too close to the cliffs in order to take a good picture comes with fatal consequences. I am not sure I ever had to write this regarding to a beach, but this place is pretty scary, there are no warning signs around it, the cliffs are really brittle and the wind quite serious. One step on the wrong rock and you will fly. Literally.

So why am I adding it here? Why did I add it to our beach app in the first place?

Well, first of all because there are plenty of beaches around it (some popular like Bayas and some less like Malabajada) and there is a footpath linking all the beaches in the area (you can start from Arnao) that will get you here too. I would like you to know there is a beach down there that has a story but I do not wish you to risk your life trying to get a glimpse of it, or if you do that, pay attention to where you set your foot on.

The beach has a very narrow descent (you can see it in the picture to the left, right on the Eastern side of the cliff in the background), I believe made by fishermen, that crosses the shrubbery usually seen on the cliffs of Asturias. Don’t take it unless you are there for fishing and you have proper clothes, shoes… and skills.

Enough warning me, tell me good things about La Barca beach

Landscape around La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain

It’s a rather extended beach (200 meters long maybe) that almost disappears with high tide. It’s mainly used by brave fishermen and admired from above by crazy people like us.

A local lady actually warned us not to get close to the cliffs – I must admit we ignored her (we photographed more than 350 beaches in Asturias so we really wanted to be there) but I backed up really quick since it was kind of scary (not a brave person, me…).

Finding La Barca is really easy since in front of it there is one of the most well known islands and protected areas in Asturias, called the Deva island. You can either park your car in the parking of Bayas beach to the West or Malabajada beach to the East and walk to this one.

You can only get here by foot and this is the solution for the lazy ones. For trekkers the trail is way longer, from Bayas to Arnao beach (this is just a section of the whole trail). The medium version of it links all the beaches of the municipality of Castrillón and the most extended (the E-9 trail) links all the beaches of Asturias. Crazy, I know 🙂

Once here don’t expect amenities, bars, restaurants… this is a secluded beach. Expect the opposite.

Few trekkers pass by especially outside high season so all you will hear is the sound of waves and the occasional noisy birds flying around. Tempting? I bet!

Weather at La Barca beach in Asturias


Video: La Barca beach in Asturias

La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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