Gulpiyuri beach seen from the top of the cliffs

Gulpiyuri beach, Llanes, Asturias

17 November, 2014

This one is a beauty and something people don’t see very often because Gulpiyuri is a 50 meters long (or better said round) inlet 100 meters away from the sea, the water arriving here after passing through a tunnel carved in the rock by the sea.
Gulpiyuri beach seen from aboveGulpiyuri beach iseen from above

This area is a natural monument and thus protected so be careful to leave the place just the way you found it or even cleaner (if you wish). Being so secluded Gulpiyuri has no amenities, no parking or anything around.

It is accessible on foot only but you can leave the car outside the village of Naves or 1 000-1 500 meters away from the beach – but my advice is to walk to Gulpiyuri from the nearby beach called San Antolín following the coastline trail E-9 cause you’ll love it!
Gulpiyuri beach in Asturias
I will stop here with my explanations hoping I made you wish to visit Gulpiyuri and all the surrounding beaches that you might discover if you just download our beach guide: AsturPlaya!

Oh, one more thing: take time to explore the cliffs around Gulpiyuri, you will have a splendid panoramic view of the coastline of Llanes with its wonderful beaches!

Weather forecast for Gulpiyuri beach


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