Panoramic view of the Guadamía beach and river, with the Pría cliffs behinds

Guadamía beach, Llanes, Asturias

1 December, 2014

This place is famous for more than one reason, so let’s take them one by one: first of all because Guadamía is a beautiful and rather unusual beach, second of all because it belongs to 2 municipalities (LLanes and Ribadesella) and the third reason is that the cliffs surrounding this beach are truly spectacular, hiding impressive blowholes that put on lots of “shows” during winter storms (winter storms here were pretty violent during the last few years and the summer ones not violent enough to actually blow the water sky high 20 -30 meters or so).

Guadamia river flows here into the sea, between 2 impressive cliffsThe Guadamía beach takes its name from the river that flows here into the sea but you will also find it under many more names, like for example Cuerres beach or Llames beach (from the villages that surround it).

It’s a rather small beach (80 meters long) that completely disappears with high tide.

What you see in the pictures embedded in the post is the beach with high tide, I never had the opportunity to take pictures of it with low tide.

To help you make an idea about how it looks with low tide, just imagine the sand surface extending almost till the end of the cliffs, all through the channel that opens up in the ocean. Pretty impressive, but only lasting for a few hours.

Guadamía beach is extremely popular in the summer months for having fine, golden sand and attracting tourists visiting both Ribadesella and Llanes. Being accessible for people with limited mobility is another strong point in its favor.

It has a tiny, tiny parking (actually none at all, you will park wherever you find a little space, which is not much), no amenities and no lifeguard. My advice is to walk to the beach and leave the car in the picnic area located on the cliffs (towards West, let’s call them “Ribadesella-cliffs”) right where the picnic area is located.
Guadamia river flows here into the sea, between 2 impressive cliffs

There is also a coastal path linking all the beaches of Llanes (and Asturias) so you can reach Guadamía from its neighbors: Villanueva beach, further away Cuevas del Mar, then San Antonio beach and all the way till San Antolín beach if trekking is your thing and can handle a lot of miles.

If the Western cliffs are the pride of Ribadesella, the Eastern ones are the pride of Llanes. The ocean sculpted the cliffs and carved tunnels through them creating the now famous Pría blowholes and really sharp and pointy rocks on the cliffs – a place to visit but not during the winter storms when water geysers are so powerful that are considered really dangerous for anyone on the cliffs.

The river and the beach are good fishing and surfing spots, a lot of people practicing here standup paddle.

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Weather at the Guadamía beach


Video: Guadamía beach in Llanes

Guadamía beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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