Fontaniecha beach in Cadavedo, Asturias, Spain

Fontanecha beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

Although I am naming this beach Fontanecha, here and in our beach app Asturplaya, you might find it under different variations: Fontanecha, Fontanecho, Fontaniecha and others similar to these ones.

Like many other beaches in the municipality of Valdés, Fontanecha is secluded, hard to climb down to, without amenities or parking but…
Trail entering the woods and taking to Fontaniecha beach in Cadavedo, Asturias, SpainIt’s also surrounded by breathtaking high cliffs (70-80 meters high), almost vertical. Being secluded means that, although hard to find, you will probably find it empty (not bad, the entire beach just for you?) and instead of hearing the sound of traffic or screaming people you will actually be able to hear the birds chirping.

If this is what you prefer, then please go on reading. If it’s not, Asturias also has plenty of beaches with amenities and easy to find to choose from. We really have them all!

Did I say Fontaniecha is hard to find? Well, not exactly. This is one of the beaches of the well-known village of Cadavedo (I am sure you remember the beach of Cadavedo and the neighboring one called Churín beach? Sure you do…)

Well, leave your car outside the village of Cadavedo – Fontaniecha is the beach located East of Punta Formigosa (Formigosa headland) so you can get close to it by car but you won’t find a lot of places to park your car, I am afraid.

But you can also walk from Cadavedo (it’s a rather short and pleasant walk) and you will notice the tarmac road ends right between 2 houses built on top of the cliffs.

The tarmac road is replaced by a narrow trail that enters the forest (that was a beautiful sight, really) and immediately you will leave the forest behind and start to hear and then see the ocean.

Right in front of you is the Fontaniecha beach…

Fontanecha beach seen from above, in Cadavedo, Asturias, Spain

Fontanecha beach seen from above, in Cadavedo, Asturias, Spain

… a medium sized (150 meters it’s medium for Asturias) beach of boulders and without amenities, Fontaniecho is mainly used by locals and fishermen (being a good fishing spot).

The path is quite “normal” for a while but it gets narrower and more slippery and at a certain point we decided to stop because we felt it was too demanding (read: Dangerous / Slippery / Unstable).

It is mostly maintained by locals so it might disappear in the winter because they tend to “clean” it in the spring or summer only and let the shrubbery take over for a few months.

It happened a lot to us to search for a beach but not find the trail to it during winter trips but come back a few months later and see it… brand new, shiny and wide. So don’t panic if you search for it and cannot get closer, come back in high season and it will be easier to find – our beach app Asturplaya can take you there, download it and use it to explore the coastline.

Los Castros beach

My maps show that East to the Fontaniecha beach there is another, extended one called Los Castros beach. I believe you can get to Los Castros with low tide from Fontaniecha (the safest route, maybe), although I do see on Google Maps something like a trail or two on the Eastern side of Los Castros.

I don’t know for sure but when I will come back to these places I will most surely try to climb down and see cause from above I tried to get a glimpse of it and saw nothing. If you do that before I do, let me know ! 🙂

Weather at the Fontanecha beach


Video: Fontanecha beach

Fontanecha beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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