Estano beach in Gijón Asturias

Estaño beach, Gijón, Asturias

2 December, 2014

Estaño is one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Gijón, maybe because it’s well outside the city (5km away) and thus far, far away from cars, buildings and noise.

Estano beach seen from above
Estaño is quite secluded but easy to find and get to and that’s because of a footpath that links all the beaches of Gijón and a parking that was built on top of the cliffs. Secluded but not very 🙂

If you like trekking you can get here on foot. If you are lazy (like me most of the times) you can get here by car and just walk 100-200 meters to the beach.

And stop at the bar-restaurant for a drink or something to eat to get more energy 🙂
Estano beach in Gijon

It’s not the typical beach you will find in the city (sandy, extensive) nor outside like, for example, Serín (extensive and hard to get to) but something in between: quite small (200 meters long) that disappears completely with high tide. Completely.

It also has a weird shape with a huge rock in the middle called Islote de la Tortuga or “The Turtle Islet” (youngsters climb it and jump from there in the sea like in a pool), so there’s not much space to move around if you want to explore. Tiny, spectacular, discrete.

It has lifeguard during the summer months, showers and is accessible for people with reduced mobility. It gets quite crowded in the summer so my advice is to not try and park there, especially during weekends. You won’t find space at all.

Estaño a good fishing spot and, some say, you can surf there. I am not sure about that because there are a lot of rocks visible from above so you might want to take this with a pinch of salt, especially since only the Western side of the beach is considered safe for bathing and practicing sports.

There’s nothing more to add about Estaño, I will just let you discover it for yourself!

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Weather forecast at Estaño beach


Video: Estaño beach in Gijón

Timelapse: sunset in Gijón

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