El Viso beach in Asturias, Spain

El Viso, Moracey, Pozo de las Pipas beach, Caravia, Asturias

13 October, 2014

El Viso is a beach of golden sand separated by huge rocks from the beach of Espasa with which it shares services and parking. In the picture below to the left you can see the Espasa beach and a bit more to the right… also the Espasa beach but divided by rocks. The beach in the center is Beciella and the one to the right Arenal de Morís.

Footpath GR 204 linking all the beaches in Caravia

path taking you to the Del Visu beach
That’s supposed to be simple but, somehow, it gets complicated because of they way the authorities are naming these beaches. If you search for info about all the beaches of Caravia you will find that this beach is actually not one but many beaches in one. That’s because at low tide this area is part of a bigger beach called Espasa.

But with high tide the rocks that are scattered all over the Eastern side of Espasa suddenly divide it into smaller areas that are isolated one from the other and this is where it gets complicated: each area apparently has a name and is considered a different beach.

So you actually visit Espasa but encounter a path taking you to El Viso. Some people consider that here there are 2 beaches: El Viso and Moracey a bit further away.

Some consider it to be only one, ending with another one called Pozo de las Pipas. So what are we going to find here?

3 beaches or 2? It depends on what you want to see 🙂 Already lost? Our app AsturPlaya can take show them to you, download it now!

El Viso or Moracey beach in Caravia

This is where the adventure begins.
El Viso beach in Asturias

If you follow the indicator, with low tide you will see an extended sandy area ending with a string of rocks, another beautiful beach benefiting from the amenities of Espasa: lifeguard, parking, picnic area. This is El Viso beach.

With high tide it’s not accessible for disabled people but at low tide you can reach it from Espasa, this one being accessible. Unfortunately the authorities built stairs at El Viso beach.

With high tide another area gets formed, normally with more sand and less rocks.

Moracey beach Caravia
During the summer the beach is cleaned and a lot more sand is available for tourists to enjoy, so don’t worry, probably the beach in the picture to the left won’t look like this when you will get there.

Let’s continue our imaginary walk till the most Eastern side of this beach.

Slowly turn your head to the right, towards the Eastern end of the beach.

The headland we “see” is called Melín Beciella headland and if you continue walking past it you will discover the beach of Beciella.

But before the headland there is a small area completely surrounded by rocks and the locals call it Pozo de las Pipas. Pozo is the Spanish for pit and the name is really descriptive cause the place kind of looks like a pit when you see it from above.

Pozo de las Pipas beach

Pozo de las Pipas beach in Caravia, Asturias

Having the rocks you see in the image to the left and the headland to its right, Pozo de las Pipas gets quite secluded with high tide but has its own access point so don’t worry about it being unreachable (or so it was before the torments washing all the beaches in the winter-sprint of 2014).

The Bolu Melín rock and the Melín Beciella headland

Bolu Melin rock and the Melin Beciella headland

You cannot miss this Pozo de las Pipas, it has its own signature in the shape of a huge pointy rock that locals call Bolu Melín.

This rock takes its name from the headland that shelters it and separates the beach of Espasa from the neighboring one called Beciella.

The Espasa beach seen from Melín Beciella headland

In the picture below you can see the Pozo de las Pipas beach in foreground, Moracey-El Viso beach in the middle and then Espasa beach in the background. Amazing view with all of them joining with low tide!

The eastern side of the Espasa Beach: El Viso, Moracey, Pozo de las Pipas

Weather at El Viso beach


Video: El Viso beach and the surroundings

El Viso beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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