Panoramic view of El Reguero or El Cordial beach in Asturias, Spain

El Reguero beach, Castrill贸n, Asturias

28 September, 2015

The Reguero beach takes its name from the stream that flows here into the sea, but is also known by locals as El Cordial cove. Finding it on the map is rather easy, getting there is a whole different story. But you heard this a lot from me when it comes to finding secluded beaches so I am sure that by now you already know that you have to pack some boots if you plan to discover the hidden Asturias 馃檪

Well, Spain has a lot of flavors and Asturias is definitely worth exploring if you want to really understand Spain.
Western Side of the Reguero beach in Asturias, Spain

What is this place? Some people say it’s a beach, some say it’s a string of coves that join with low tide that happen to form an unit 300 meters long.

You can get here following the easy route or the more difficult one. The easy route is by waiting for low tide, getting to the Munielles beach and then walking past the huge rocks located at its Western side called Pe帽a La Furada (The Pierced Rock).

But that means that if you’re not paying attention to the tide, you might get trapped in one of the coves there, it happens almost every year 馃檪

There is another route that will leave you at the Western side of Cordial and that might be difficult to discover outside high season due to locals not maintaining the footpath that gets there. I like this one more 馃檪

First, you cannot/should not get here by car or bike, but on foot only. You can get close enough if you come from the villages of Bayas, El Cueto or La Roza.

Leave your car where you can and continue on foot or by bike following the almost non-existent (sometimes destroyed) indicators along the way or, even better, the indicators towards the cemetery 馃檪 Yes, the cemetery!

There’s a path entering the woods that closely follows the El Reguero stream – this is where our beach guide AsturPlaya can help you find it on the map and take the best path.

Continue on foot for about 10-15 minutes and then you will finally see the stream. You have to step on the stones in the stream and pray that it carries little water. It usually does. In the summer 馃檪

Once here, you’ll see this:

Western Side of the Reguero beach in Asturias, SpainEastern Side of the Reguero beach in Asturias, Spain

Towards West there’s the Vidrias Headland hiding more coves and beaches. Towards East there are hidden coves that are considered part of the beach and then the already known Munielles beach.


The beach is rather extended, made of sand and rocks – the cliffs are rather fragile especially after heavy rains so pay attention the them, please.

There are no facilities at the beach (it’s secluded and locals try really hard to hide it from tourists) so don’t expect a lot of people. Expect a lot of silence instead 馃檪

It is a nudist beach and one mostly visited by fishermen since its rocks are a good fishing spot.

If you love trekking then you can discover El Reguero if you take the footpath that links all the beaches of Castrill贸n. A shorter version is to start at the Santa Mar铆a del Mar beach and try to reach Play贸n de Bayas beach. Should be fun!

Why should you visit this place? A lot of reasons. One is that you will see what not many Asturias know, the place is not very popular due to it being surrounded by more accessible beaches.

Surfers will prefer the wider Sabl贸n (Bayas), some will prefer the resort of Santa Mar铆a del Mar. Munielles is really close and you can get there by car. Few people are curious enough to find out or already know that El Reguero even exists. Tourism information offices will not tell you the story of this place.

But if you love trekking and discovering weird beaches, then note down this beach and start packing 馃檪 See you on the Asturian cliffs!

Weather at El Reguero / El Cordial beach


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