Panoramic view of El Pedrero cove in Asturias, Spain

El Pedrero beach, Castrillón, Asturias

4 December, 2014

El Pedrero is a spectacular cove near the beach of Arnao, hidden behind an abandoned old house. You can get there from the beach of Arnao by taking the path near the cliff to the East where you will find an abandoned house surrounded by stone walls which you can walk over.

El Pedrero beach seen from the cliffs, in Asturias, Spain
If you closely follow the stoned fence you will, no doubt about it, discover El Pedrero – actually the name is quite common here in Asturias, locals naming lots of coves El Pedrero, a name given to beaches mainly composed of rocks.

So another “Pedreru” is this one, quite hidden behind high and fragile cliffs.

This cove completely disappears with high tide and with low tide you will see very little sand, but rather lots of rocks and gravel.

There are no amenities here, no parking, no lifeguard but I believe this is the beauty of this place – cause if you want a normal beach with everything you need you have Arnao towards West and Salinas towards East (our beach app Asturplaya can take you to all of these beaches, download it now!)

This one is for people who love exploring, trekking and discovering new places, who are searching for tranquility in secluded places. If you wish to take a bath, you can – there are concrete stairs to the beach and they are in excellent shape (I am writing this in 2014).

Weather at El Pedrero


Video: El Pedrero cove in Asturias

El Pedrero cove in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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