Escanu beach seen from the viewpoint

El Escanu beach, Colunga, Asturias

13 October, 2014

Is it a beach, is it a bird? El Escanu is definitely a beach but you won’t find it in the official maps of Colunga maybe because it is not declared as such.
El Escanu beach in Lastres But, nonetheless, you will find it in there, in Lastres, laying in the sun – sometimes empty, but in the summer definitely crowded.

Why it isn’t considered a beach is hard for me to tell: maybe because it’s very close to the fishing port and its waters might not be quite suitable for a quick bath nor the sand very clean. I do not know.

And although El Escanu beach is in the middle of the village, the official Lastres beach is somewhere else, right outside the village – our app AsturPlaya will help you find both, download it now!

Some extra info about El Escanu

Lastres seen from above
Apart from this peculiarity, it’s a beach like any other (sandy, small: 100 meters more or less) – except for the fact that, not being declared as such, it has no amenities, no lifeguard and it is not cleaned during high season. It might have a shower installed in the future and the stairs improved.

It’s accessible by foot or by car (if they let you park the car in the port’s parking) but my advice is to find another place to park the car because this part of the village is really crowded and walking around the village will also unveil its beauty.

There are lots of restaurants around El Escanu, serving the best dishes based on fish or seafood in Asturias – since Lastres is a fishing village and there’s always plenty of fresh fish around.

San Roque viewpoint and hermit

If you follow the road AS-257 you’ll find signs taking you to the restaurant called “El Mirador” or to the “San Roque” hermit. There’s a viewpoint there from where you’ll be able to enjoy an impressive view over the coastline of Colunga and its beaches and also over the village of Lastres. Don’t miss it!

Weather in Lastres


Video: El Escanu beach

El Escanu beach in Lastres, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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