El cuerno beach in Salinas, Asturias, Spain

El Cuerno beach, Castrillón, Asturias

4 December, 2014

While everyone’s attention is focused on the popular beach of Salinas, very few actually remember there is a small beach right “around the corner” called El Cuerno, waiting for you – in this case “around the corner” means West of a peninsula called La Peñona.
Stairs to El Cuerno beach in Salinas, Asturias

Finding El Cuerno is easy since you can get here on foot from the promenade surrounding the Salinas beach, walking towards the Anchors Museum towards West. It’s a very popular place, always filled with people in the summer curious to get to the viewpoint and admire the coastline of Castrillón or the Philippe Cousteau bust glued to one of the rocks there.

If you come from far away then take as a reference point the Arnao tunnel and the road that links the Salinas beach with the Arnao beach – there is a parking right there, in front of the beach. It’s small so in the summer you will find it full.

Once at the beach you will see stairs going down but they will leave you on the rocks not directly on the sand – so you will have to jump on the rocks for a while, be prepared. People also built some “cow paths” on the cliffs coming from La Peñona but they become slippery when wet and the cliffs are really bristle, with landslides occurring quite often. Unfortunately…

There are no amenities here, nor lifeguard, nothing. It’s a beach used by nudists and fishermen and not good at all for surf since there are lots of hidden rocks under the water.

Western side of El Cuerno beach in Asturias, SpainEl Cuerno beach seen from the Arnao tunnel in Asturias, Spain

The rocks here hide a lot of secrets, one of them that amazed us being remnants of a 400 million years old reef that continues until the Arnao beach, located a few kilometers towards West. Castrillón will surely offer you lots of surprises, you can count on that!

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Weather at Salinas and El Cuerno beach


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