El Bigaral beach in Asturias, Spain

El Bigaral beach, Gozón, Asturias

12 December, 2014

El Bigaral is one interesting beach. First of all because it has another name: Del Cristal or De Los Cristales (the Beach of Crystals or the Glass Beach) and the second of all because its name refers to the presence of periwinkles nearby.

I still haven’t told you the real reason why El Bigaral is interesting: if you happen to go there and notice that the pebbles in the sand are colorful and shiny take another, closer look.

El Bigaral beach in Asturias, SpainSome of the pebbles are not pebbles at all, are rounded glass stones. That’s because El Bigaral used to be a place where people dumped glass bottles long ago. During years and years the sea polished these glass pieces and now they are part of the beach – small, colored, round glass pebbles.

Other than this, El Bigaral is not different from all the other beaches of Antromero: San Pedro de Antromero is more popular, then Las Playinas less so because of the landlsides and finally Gargantera beach which is not accessible at all.

You can get to El Bigaral by car from the village of Antromero or by foot following the trail along the coastline that parts from San Pedro de Antromero beach. The parking is not big enough and not quite close to the beach, there are no amenities and no lifeguard service.

El Bigaral is a rather secluded beach and climbing down to it is a bit difficult because the storms that hit Northern Spain in 2014 also washed away the last concrete stairs that were built here. It is mostly visited by locals and fishermen, El Bigaral beach being a good fishing spot.

The coastline of Gozón is well worth a visit and if you wish to discover all the beaches that this municipality has to show make sure you download our beach app AsturPlaya, you won’t find a better beach guide than this one!

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