Arañón beach in Avilés, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

El Arañón beach, Avilés, Asturias

22 September, 2015

El Arañón beach can found at the right-hand side of the mouth of the River Avilés, near to the San Juan de Nieva lighthouse right outside the village of Nueva, Asturias. You can also see it from far away, from San Juan de Nieva beach in the neighboring municipality of Castrillón.

Arañón beach in Avilés, Asturias, SpainIt’s a rather long beach (200 meters more or less) of boulders and sand without amenities and NOT recommended for bathing. At all.

Even so, you might find people swimming here although there is a large warning panel right at the beach prohibiting it due to its proximity to the estuary and the port of Avilés.

This area is quite contaminated and all the beaches of Avilés (there are at least 3) are not suitable for swimming.

In our beach app Asturplaya we only added this one, although nearby there is another bigger one called San Balandrán beach (or Zeluán beach, for being close to the villages with the same name) and another called El Embayo beach. Might be more though…

They are not quite popular so people in the vicinity prefer to spend the summer at the beaches of Castrillón or the municipality of Gozón.

There’s a small picnic area and parking along the estuary, a bar nearby and also a promenade along the river so feel free to explore the area if you are nearby.

If you want to discover more beaches in the area make sure you download our beach app for smartphones Asturplaya, you will be surprised!

Weather at El Arañón beach


Video: El Arañón beach in Avilés

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