Dos Botes beach and the Figuera marina in Castropol, Asturias, Spain

Dos Botes & El Tesón beach, Castropol, Asturias

10 December, 2014

I will write about both beaches in the same post because Dos Botes beach and El Tesón island have similar fates and are also neighbors. The peculiarity is that these are not 2 beaches like others I “paired” before, Dos Botes is a rocky beach but El Tesón is actually a sand island. They both disappear with high tide but El Tesón seems to be more popular with low tide.

Stairs to Dos Botes beach in Figueras, AsturiasDos Botes beach in Figueras, Asturias

Finding them (with low tide) is easy since they are located in the center of the beautiful fishing village of Figueras in the municipality of Castropol.

El Tesón island near the Figueras marina in Asturias, SpainYou can get here by car and park anywhere near the marina, the beach being located West of the marina and El Tesón island right in front of Dos Botes – our beach app AsturPlaya can get you right there, download it cause it’s free! 🙂

While getting to Dos Botes is easy (just climb down the stairs in the image above), getting to El Tesón requires a boat or swimming. Renting a boat and tour the coastline of Castropol is no problem in Figueras, I even encourage you to do that cause you will discover more hidden beaches in the village.

El Tesón is made entirely of fine, golden sand while Dos Botes beach is more or less similar to other nearby beaches in the Eo estuary that I spoke about: Arnela beach or Los Cobos beach – meaning it’s made of silt, rocks, gravel and very little or no sand.

None have amenities but this being an urban area only means that you will find plenty of bars, restaurants and accommodation in the village. Figueras will conquer your heart, guaranteed!

If you’re into fishing then you might like the Eo Esturary since it’s a paradise for fishermen, bird watchers and nature lovers.

El Tesón sand island and the Figueras marina in Asturias, Spain<>
El Tesón island near the Figueras marina in Asturias, Spain

Weather at the beaches of Dos Botes & Tesón


Video: Dos Botes beach in Figueras

Dos Botes beach and the sand island Tesón in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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