Panoramic view of the beach of Cape Busto, or Del Cabo - in Asturias, Spain

Del Cabo (Busto) beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

Although Cape Busto is a very well know and popular place in Asturias (and in Spain), very few people actually know the name of all the beaches surrounding it even though there is a coastal trail that links all of them (the PR-AS4 trail). Maybe that happens because a lot of these beaches and coves do not have a descent or, if they do, the trails are usually built and used by fishermen and are quite dangerous.

Western side of the Cabo Busto beach in Asturias, Spain

Even though Del Cabo beach (in English The Beach of The Cape) is one of these beaches without descent it has a lot of viewpoints from where you can admire it from above.

So if you wonder what is its name if you happen to be nearby, then AsturPlaya app can answer all your questions and even take you there.

You can get here by car or by foot (PR-AS4 trail or simply from the village of Busto if trekking is not your thing) – the cape has a rather small parking but around it you will find more places where to park.

To the West of Del Cabo beach you will find a popular beach called Bozo (with descent) and towards East Boxada el Vino beach (with dangerous descent), Serrón (can get here with low tide from Boxada el Vino), then Barchinas, Punxéu and so on.

I wrote about this coastal trails surrounding Cape Busto before (check the posts of the surrounding beaches) so I won’t repeat the info here once again.

The Cape and the lighthouse of Busto

Cape Busto and its lighthouse, in Asturias, Spain

Weather at Cape Busto and its beaches


Video: Del Cabo beach

Del Cabo (Busto) beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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