Panoramic view of Del Burro beach in Asturias, Spain

Del Burro beach, Coaña, Asturias

10 December, 2014

Del Burro is the typical secluded beach that you can see from above, so the question is: why did I added it in our beach app Asturplaya and why am I writing about it here in the blog?

If you happen to visit Cartavio – because you heard that is a village with lots of beaches around – then you might see an indicator towards a viewpoint called “Mirador de Salías” (Salías Viewpoint) which is a biiiig picnic area built on top of the Salías headland. Once here you might see a lot of beaches around you and you might want to know their names.

So here we are, ready to tell you that towards West you can see the Armazá beach while towards East you might see the Torbas Cove that shelters 2 beaches (one is called El Barco beach and the other, further away is Torbas beach). Right in front of the picnic area / headland is Del Burro beach.

Western side of Del Burro beach in Asturias, SpainEastern side of Del Burro beach in Asturias, Spain

You can get here on the cliffs from Cartavio by car or on foot cause the picnic area has plenty of parking space since it also serves the nearby beach of Armazá. Del Burro is a beach without its own descent but you can reach it with low tide from both neighboring beaches – where exactly Del Burro ends and the other ones start is a bit hard to tell since they are all linked through an extended area of rocks that can serve as passage.

Del Burro beach has no amenities and it almost disappears with high tide so be prepared. Its neighbor Armazá is a good surfing spot and it’s more popular and accessible in case you would like to also take a swim.

Weather at Del Burro beach


Video: Del Burro beach in Cartavio

Del Burro beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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