Panoramic view of the Cuevas del Mar beach in Llanes

Cuevas del Mar beach, Llanes, Asturias

29 November, 2014

The name of the Cuevas del Mar beach can be translated as Sea Caves and you’ll understand why the minute you step on it. It’s quite a peculiar place (with high tide it’s actually 2 beaches) surrounded by high cliffs covered with shrubbery that shelter small caves.

Panoramic view of the Cuevas del Mar beach in Asturias

Cuevas Del Mar beach - Western side with low tide

Cuevas del Mar is a sandy beach with boulders (the Nueva river flows into the sea here and carries with it a lot of stones) near the Nueva de Llanes village.

You can get here by car or on foot and my advice is to try the second option cause you’re going to love the coastal footpath that closely follows the Llanes coastline.

This footpath is called E-9 and will uncover for you all the major beaches of Llanes and the entire Asturias (the Llanes trail is just a segment of it).

If you’re afraid you might get lost, download our beach app Asturplaya and make your own route.

If you want to get to Cuevas del Mar by car you should know that the parking is quite small and you won’t find a place to park in the summer, especially during weekends.

If you wish to come on foot, you can either come from Villanueva de Pría beach or Guadamía beach (in the village of Llames) to the West or from East from, let’s say Picones, following the route that will uncover for you the beach of San Antonio and the most spectacular and unknown cove in the area called Puertu Cerrau.

Cuevas Del Mar beach - Eastern side with low tide

The footpath from West is following the coastline until a certain point when it enters the forest and then follows the course of the river Nueva.

The footpath from East is crossing the pastures and it is also quite spectacular – and I am using the word spectacular cause this is where you can see in June lots of beaches with crystal clear water and also mountains covered in snow (called Picos de Europa).

Something that you cannot miss!

Coming back to Cuevas del Mar: it’s a (rather small – 125 meters long) beach with lifeguard in high season, showers and a beach bar. Nothing else!

If you like fishing, this might be a spot you will love since it’s a good fishing spot. If you like climbing this is also the beach for you since these rocks are perfect for it!

Weather forecast for Llanes and Cuevas del Mar beach


Video: Cuevas del Mar beach

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