Chouréu beach seen from Punta de La Osa in Asturias, Spain

Chouréu beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

Chouréu is one of the beaches that can be admired from the coastal footpath that surrounds Cape Busto – it’s called PR-AS4 trail and will take you to a lot of amazing beaches around the cape, most of them without descent. Why bother?, I hear you ask. Well, it depends.

Since Asturias has hundreds of beaches, some of them of sand & easy to get to and some of boulders & really dangerous, it attracts a variety of people.

Chouréu beach see from aboveSome pack sandals in their suitcase, some pack boots in their backpacks. Some pack both.

Chouréu and a lot of beaches in the Western Asturias are more for people who pack boots, love the wildness of these beaches and accept that they need to sweat a little to discover a place not many people know.

Not many Asturians know these beaches – the beaches or coves who do have a descent are sometimes empty.

Now, who wouldn’t like an entire beach just for herself / himself? I know I do.

Chouréu beach see from Punta de La Osa in Asturias, SpainBack to Chouréu.

It’s a truly extended beach of boulders and gravel. I don’t know if it has sand and I will probably never know for sure.

It’s impossible to climb down, as far as I could see the cliffs are really really vertical and seem dangerous (80-100 meters high maybe).

You can admire Chouréu from the West (access on foot only), where Punta de la Osa is (The She Bear headland) or from east, from the Santa Ana headland – you can get close by car, but there is no parking, just meadows around.

If you happen to see it from East, you should know that really close by there is another beach of similar characteristics but accessible – it’s called Santa Ana beach and there is a trail in the woods that will leave you right at the beach.

If you need help with that make sure you download our beach guide AsturPlaya, it will show you the beaches on the map and create a route for you.

Weather at the Chouréu beach


Video: Chouréu beach near Cape Busto

Chouréu beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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