Cervigón beach in Gijón, Asturias

Cervigón beach, Gijón, Asturias

2 December, 2014

You might find Cervigón beach under 2 more names, if you find it at all! Although you will surely see it if you happen to visit Gijón, it does not show up on official maps even if it’s one of the important beaches of this municipality.

It’s called Cervigón because it’s limited to the West by the Cervigón headland and it’s also known as Del Rinconín because the housing development surrounding it is called Rinconín. Once here you will find no information about it (maybe because it’s considered part of the bigger San Lorenzo beach, I do not know – it’s clearly a beach in itself), no amenities and no lifeguard.

What will you see here?

Cervigón beach - Eastern sideCervigón beach - Western side

A 250 meters long beach of rocks, gravel and sand surrounded by the same esplanade that you already saw at San Lorenzo beach. Actually this esplanade is more than 5km long and will take you to lots of beaches – download our beach app AsturPlaya, it will take you to all of them!

Being an urban beach means that you will easily find hotels, bars and restaurants nearby, you can get here by car, by bus, by bike or on foot and there is even a camping on the Cervigón headland.

promenade around El Rinconin / Cervigon beach in Gijón, Asturias

Marine art around Cervigón beach

You will find that Gijón loves urban art and on this esplanade you can see plenty of gigantic sculptures. The Cervigón / El Rinconín beach is well known for having one on each side.

Sculpture dedicated to the mothers of emigrants from Asturias To the West there is “Monumento a la madre del emigrante” (a monument dedicated to the mothers of the Asturians who emigrated) by Ramón Muriedas – this one is also called La Lloca (“The Crazy One”, not hard to see why) – the sculpture represents a mother looking at the sea as if saying farewell and is pretty impressive seen up close.

Sculpture called Solidaridad near the Cervigón beach in Gijón, Asturias

To the East you will see another one called “Solidaridad” (“Solidarity”) and was made by Pepe Noja. It is actually a steel chain but feel free to see in it whatever you want, this is what art is for.

I personally see hugs there 🙂

Weather at the Cervigón / El Rinconín beach


Video: Cervigón / El Rinconín beach in Gijón

Timelapse: sunset in Gijón

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