Beaches in the municipality of Villaviciosa, Asturias

ÑoraVillaviciosa, Asturias

Ñora beach , panoramic view

This beach is located between the municipality of Gijón and Villaviciosa but it’s so popular and easy to find that you won’t have problems getting there, indicators being found everywhere around it. You can arrive at Ñora either by car (follow the VV1 road from Quintuelles) or by foot, following a coastal trail that starts […]

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EspañaVillaviciosa, Asturias

Panoramic view of the beach España in Villaviciosa

España, like lots of beaches in Asturias, is divided by a river (also called España) which means it has, besides sand, lots of huge rocks carried by the river. Trivia: The fact that its name is identical to Spain’s name in Spanish (España) is a coincidence, its name derives from the Asturian language word for […]

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