Beaches in the municipality of Ribadedeva, Asturias

El RegolgueruRibadedeva, Asturias

The cliffs of Pimiango hiding El Regolgueru cove

This is not a beach, it’s actually a really well hidden cove that disappears with high tide. It might not interest you if you are looking for a place to put your towel and just be lazy but in case you like to discover secluded corners and have the entire cove just for you, El […]

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MendíaRibadedeva, Asturias

The Mendía cove in Asturias seen from the Cebollera headland and the coastline of Ribadedeva with La Franca beach in the background

Under this name I will gather what locals believe that are at least 3 small beaches or coves. Since the official maps are confusing about this place and not all locals really know the names if each area in this really large cove I will present it to you as the Mendía or Bendía cove. […]

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La FrancaRibadedeva, Asturias

La Franca beach seen from Pimiango

It’s a very popular beach due to its proximity to the village of La Franca, its accessibility and its size. In contrast to the majority of the beaches in Asturias, it has a triangular shape and the river (called Cabra) creating it is not dividing it in the middle, but it’s flowing nicely near its […]

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