Beaches in the municipality of Navia, Asturias

FabalNavia, Asturias

Fabal beach seen from above

To get to the beach of Fabal you have to leave the car in the nearby village of Teifaros and walk till you reach its Eastern side. If you love trekking you can reach it from either Navia beach or Frejulfe beach but that is another story. There is no way you can get close […]

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CoedoNavia, Asturias

Coedo beach - isolated beach in Navia

A seldom visited beach in a cove with thick, golden sand, Coedo is mainly visited by fishermen who have built huts for the storage of boats and fishing tackle. It is not “popular” because it’s pretty secluded and you cannot get there by car – you have to leave the car in the village of […]

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Moro or PeñafuradaNavia, Asturias

Moro beach can be considered an extension of the beach of Navia since it’s located a few meters its East. It is a beach with coarse and dark sand, very popular among youngsters and nudists because it’s hidden behind high cliffs and because the Navia beach tends to draw all the attention away from it. […]

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NaviaNavia, Asturias

Panoramic view of the beach of Navia

Very close to the important coastal village of the same name, Navia beach is located at the right side of the Navia river (yes, I know: Navia beach, Navia river, the town of Navia…) It’s an extensive beach with a viewpoint at its right margin that is the starting point of a coastal trail that […]

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FrexulfeNavia, Asturias

Panoramic view of the beach of Frexulfe in Navia, Asturias, Spain

The Frexulfe beach (also known as Frejulfe) is the most extensive beach in the municipality of Navia and a protected natural space. It has sand dunes anchored to a pine grove, where occasionally marine animals find themselves stranded after being dragged by the currents. In these waters we can also find one of the few […]

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