Beaches in the municipality of Llanes, Asturias

La CanalLlanes, Asturias

La Canal beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain

The name La Canal beach can be translated as The Channel and just by seeing the images below or above you might understand why. La Canal beach is a really long and narrow beach (I could not say if it’s more than 10 – 15 meters wide) that with really low tide becomes a bit […]

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VillanuevaLlanes, Asturias

Villanueva beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Villanueva beach is a really tiny beach (20 meters wide or so) well hidden behind high cliffs in the municipality of Llanes. This only if you can hide anything in Llanes where every secluded beach is full of people, especially during summer weekends. Villanueva beach is particularly beautiful, being carved at the bottom of a […]

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San AntonioLlanes, Asturias

San Antonio beach in Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

You’ll have to walk to San Antonio beach. More or less, it depends on you only, but I suggest you should walk more. There’s a bumpy road you could take to get here by car but you will miss all the beauty that you can see by taking the coastal footpath that starts from the […]

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La HuelgaLlanes, Asturias

La Huelga beach in Llanes - panoramic view

Very few non-locals know La Huelga beach because it’s quite secluded – that is not a bad thing considering how crowded the beaches of Llanes usually are. La Huelga is a sandy beach, 180 meters wide and quite extended with high tide. You can get here by car, by bike or on foot starting from […]

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Puertu Chicu & Las MujeresLlanes, Asturias

Puertu Chicu beach in Llanes, Asturias

Puertu Chicu beach is actually 2 beaches. Where in the maps there is one, locals see two and so do I! I never saw Puertu Chicu with really really low tide but I suspect these 2 do not join – but even if they do it’s funny to have two beaches in one ­čÖé So […]

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San Antol├şnLlanes, Asturias

Panoramic view of the San Antolin beach in Llanes, Asturias

If you have already visted Gulpiyuri beach then you know there is a footpath that will easily take you to some (also) famous neighbors: to the East you will find La Huelga beach and La Canal beach and to the West the San Antol├şn beach. Since Gulpyiuri is pretty secluded and we advise you to […]

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GulpiyuriLlanes, Asturias

Gulpiyuri beach seen from the top of the cliffs

This one is a beauty and something people don’t see very often because Gulpiyuri is a 50 meters long (or better said round) inlet 100 meters away from the sea, the water arriving here after passing through a tunnel carved in the rock by the sea. This area is a natural monument and thus protected […]

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