Beaches in the municipality of El Franco, Asturias

CambaredoEl Franco, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Cambaredo beach in El Franco, Asturias, Spain

A rather unknown beach for most of the tourists visiting Asturias, Cambaredo is one of my favorite beaches in the municipality of El Franco. That kind of beach that, no matter how often you visit, still surprises you with something new and spectacular. This time (April of 2015th) it happened to prove that, given enough […]

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CastelloEl Franco, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Castello beach in Asturias, Spain

Located in a municipality that doesn’t get a lot of attention (called El Franco), Castello beach is not in the spotlight too much either. That doesn’t mean you won’t find it crowded in high season, it means you will most surely find it empty in low season 馃檪 Like we did when we were there, […]

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Porc铆aEl Franco, Asturias

Porcia and El Xogaral beach in Tapia de Casariego/El Franco

This is a triangular-shaped beach of sand and pebbles situated at the mouth of the river Porc铆a right between the municipalities of Tapia de Casariego and El Franco. This means you sometimes might find it in the maps as belonging to Tapia and sometimes as belonging to El Franco. In order to launch our beach […]

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Pormenande & BartoloEl Franco, Asturias

Pormenande beach in Asturias, Spain

Pormenande is the main beach of La Caridad (the capital of the municipality of El Franco), increasingly popular with each summer. It is a beautiful and a very safe beach, in spite of it being composed mainly of boulders and gravel. Once here your eyes will first see the Rego islet (right in front) whose […]

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MonellosEl Franco, Asturias

Monellos beach in El Franco

Monellos is a pebbly beach sheltered from the open sea which makes it a good place for the lovers of underwater fishing. It is a beach without amenities but with a picnic area, perfect for trekking enthusiasts. It’s accessible from the village of Viavelez, following the GR E-9 coastal trail – leave the car near […]

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