Beaches in the municipality of Cudillero, Asturias

GradasCudillero, Asturias

Gradas beach in Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Gradas is a stony beach which is difficult to get to, surrounded by 100 meters cliffs following the example of the beaches on the Western flank of Cape Vidio which I am sure you already know: Peña Doria, then La Cueva beach and Vallina being the closest ones, easily seen from the Vidio lighthouse. Gradas […]

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Peña DoriaCudillero, Asturias

Peña Doria beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

The beach of Doria (or Peña Doria), together with the beach of La Cueva, are the sandy beaches most popular with holidaymakers in the village of Oviñana. They also look like twin sisters, or so they do for me. The Vidio lighthouse, the cliff-lined coast and the vicinity of Oviñana complete the attractions of this […]

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CuevaCudillero, Asturias

Cueva beach in Cudillero

La Cueva beach is a shell-shaped sandy beach (with gravel) on the western flank of Cape Vidio and part of the West Coast Protected Landscape Area. Cape Vidio, just like Cape Busto, is surrounded by a string of beaches that look quite similar one to another. And when I say “string” and “similar”, I mean […]

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Barquera & El RiegoCudillero, Asturias

Barquera beach in Cudillero

La Barquera beach is a hidden jewel. Why hidden? Because its neighbor Del Silencio beach is stealing all the spotlight and almost nobody talks about this one. They are so close to one another that you can reach Barquera by foot starting from the viewpoint installed at Del Silencio, past the Nocedal headland. But nobody […]

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El CastrillónCudillero, Asturias

Panoramic view of El Castrillón beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

Getting to see El Castrillón beach is really easy, stepping on the actual beach is a totally different thing. How come? Well, let’s start with the beginning. Getting here is easy even if there are no indicators towards the beach – this place is well known due to it being used as a fishing port […]

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AlbuerneCudillero, Asturias

Albuerne or Gancedo beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

The beach of Albuerne (also known as Gancedo or Gancéu) it’s rather easy to find since the road to it starts from the village of Albuerne in Cudillero. Albuerne is part of a string of secluded beaches scattered between very well known villages: Casañeras, Novellana, Albuerne, Valdredo, Vivigo. Even if the names don’t ring a […]

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PuertochicoCudillero, Asturias

Puerto Chico beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

Puertochico beach or Puerto Chico, is one of the most beautiful while secluded beaches of Cudillero. Don’t mistake it for the other Puerto Chico beach that is located in Llanes – they couldn’t be more different 🙂 For me, Puerto Chico was a beautiful surprise, the kind of beach that amazes even in the winter […]

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