Beaches in the municipality of Colunga, Asturias

LastresColunga, Asturias

Lastres beach and the village up on the cliffs

The beach of Lastres is also known as the l’Estilleru beach due to it being a place where fishing boats were built during centuries. From Rodiles to Lastres the coastline runs straight and steep, its cliffs surpassing 100 meters in height, being composed of sandstones, limestone and marls. Lastres is the main urban center of […]

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La GriegaColunga, Asturias

La Griega beach - panoramic view with the river dividing the beach

It’s the beach nearest to Colunga, the capital of the municipality with the same name. Famous for its dinosaur footprints, it owes its formation to the small river of Colunga (also known as the Libardón) which winds its way across and flows into the sea (easily seen in the gallery above). It’s a typical sandy […]

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El EscanuColunga, Asturias

Escanu beach seen from the viewpoint

Is it a beach, is it a bird? El Escanu is definitely a beach but you won’t find it in the official maps of Colunga maybe because it is not declared as such. But, nonetheless, you will find it in there, in Lastres, laying in the sun – sometimes empty, but in the summer definitely […]

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La IslaColunga, Asturias

La Isla beach in Colunga, Asturias - Western side

The beach of La Isla (The Island) takes its name from an islet to the West of the beach to which it is joined at low tide via an isthmus – the islet is called El Peñón and it’s so big you cannot miss it. Between the beaches of La Griega and La Isla there […]

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