Beaches in the municipality of Coaña, Asturias

Del BurroCoaña, Asturias

Panoramic view of Del Burro beach in Asturias, Spain

Del Burro is the typical secluded beach that you can see from above, so the question is: why did I added it in our beach app Asturplaya and why am I writing about it here in the blog? If you happen to visit Cartavio – because you heard that is a village with lots of […]

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Pedreyada & BigoixCoaña, Asturias

Pedreyada beach in Asturias, Spain

Finding the coves of Pedreyada and Bigoix is not easy if you are not familiar with the surroundings – roads may take you close enough to get a glimpse of them from above but not close enough to actually be able to climb down to them. First you have to drive to the village of […]

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El BarcoCoaña, Asturias

El Barco beach in the Torbas Cove, in Asturias, Spain

El Barco is a beach that most maps do not show, mostly because it is part of the Torbas cove and thus considered to be the Western side of the Torbas beach. Here at Asturplaya we like to complicate things a little and empower small beaches to break free from the tyranny of the bigger […]

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A FigueiraCoaña, Asturias

Figueira beach in Coaña, Asturias - panoramic view from above

Figuiera is a stony beach typical of the Western coast, limited to the east by the islet of Illones. About 300 meters long, it practically disappears with high tide… so considered yoursef warned! It’s the last of a series of beaches of similar characteristics (stony, rocky, no sand, high cliffs) although it is more popular […]

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ArniellesCoaña, Asturias

Arnielles beach seen from above

At the Eastern end of the cape of San Agustín, you’ll find the beach of Arnielles, a beautiful place hidden behind the beautiful villages of the municipality of Coaña and surrounded by high cliffs. Arnielles is located very near to the beautiful fishing port of Ortiguera as well as the cape, lighthouse and hermitage of […]

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FoxosCoaña, Asturias

Foxos beach in Coaña

The beach of Los Foxos lies between Ortiguera and the mouth of the River Navia. I know Navia sounds familiar, that’s because just across the river you can see the very popular beach of Navia. Los Foxos beach is not as popular as its Eastern neighbor (that’s because it also has a Western neighbor) mainly […]

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TorbasCoaña, Asturias

Torbas, panoramic view

The beach of Torbas is really easy to find being just outside the village of Loza in Coaña. It’s a secluded beach hidden behind tall cliffs but 2 years ago new stairs were built and now the beach is again ready to receive visitors (I am writing this post in 2014). Torbas beach has a […]

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