Beaches in the municipality of Carreño, Asturias

PeránCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Perán beach in Candás, Asturias, Spain

Perán beach is easy to find since it’s right in the village of Perán, near Candás. So near that I didn’t actually make the difference. It’s a beach that we discovered for the first time coming from Perlora and not without a fight: we were coming from the Perlora parking following a mysterious trail that […]

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Los CurasCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of Los Curas beach in Perlora, Asturias, Spain

Los Curas is one of the beaches that the resort of Perlora has – I wrote on this blog about the others so let me remind them to you. Close nearby to the East there is Carranques beach and a bit more towards West you will find Huelgues beach, also known as Perlora beach. If […]

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El TranqueruCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of El Tranqueru beach in Asturias, Spain

The beach of El Tranqueru is well know in Asturias but not very popular due to it being secluded and accessible by foot only – meaning there’s a high probability you won’t find it 110% full of people in the summer. It’s located in a wide cove near the housing development of Xivares – you […]

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HuelguesCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Huelgues beach in Carreño, Asturias

Huelgues a shell-shaped beach of dark brown sand and rocks, one of the many beaches of the residential city of Perlora (the reason why it is also called Perlora Beach). The other beaches you will find in Perlora are: Carranques, De Los Curas beach (The Beach of the Priests) and Perán beach (technically this one […]

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La PregonaCarreño, Asturias

Playa La Pregona in Asturias - Panoramic view

La Pregona is a small urban beach in the fishing port of Candás, near the beach of La Palmera, both of them quite crowded in high season. Actually there are 3 beaches here, all sharing the amenities (showers, toilets), the lifeguard and the parking – from West to East they are: La Pregona, La Palmera […]

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CarranquesCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Carranques beach in Perlora, Asturias

This beach is one of the 4 beaches belonging to a resort called Perlora, a small town built especially for tourists in a really marvelous surrounding (The other beaches you will find in Perlora are: Huelgues, De Los Curas beach and Perán (technically this one does not belong to Perlora – long story). You can […]

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XivaresCarreño, Asturias

Xivares beach in Carreño, Asturias

Although in all official maps this is THE Xivares beach (only one) locals will always name them “The First of Xivares” and “The Second of Xivares” (this one also known as Peña María beach) because they join with low loooow tide only. With high tide you can definitely see there are two of them, each […]

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