Beaches in the municipality of Caravia, Asturias

El Viso, Moracey, Pozo de las PipasCaravia, Asturias

El Viso beach in Asturias, Spain

El Viso is a beach of golden sand separated by huge rocks from the beach of Espasa with which it shares services and parking. In the picture below to the left you can see the Espasa beach and a bit more to the right… also the Espasa beach but divided by rocks. The beach in […]

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BeciellaCaravia, Asturias

Beciella beach in Asturias, Spain

A beach of sand and rocks to the East of a more famous one called La Espasa, Beciella beach is accessible by foot only following a short path that starts from La Espasa parking. Actually this trail is part of a coastal footpath called Camín Real which starts at La Espasa and ends at the […]

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Arenal de MorísCaravia, Asturias

Arenal de Moris beach - panoramic view

An extended, sandy beach like all the beaches in Caravia, Arenal de Morís is also a beach where surf championships are held every year. Its shape is a little peculiar, almost as if it’s actually 2 beaches divided by a small peninsula surrounded by rocks. Stairs and an accessible entry point were built on its […]

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EspasaCaravia, Asturias

Espasa beach, panoramic view

There’s a lot to say about Espasa beach and even more to see and enjoy there. Where should I start from? It’s one of the most famous beaches of Caravia so it is easy to find, mostly because the national road N-632 was built right to its side. It has a huge parking with a […]

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