Panoramic view of the Castello beach in Asturias, Spain

Castello beach, El Franco, Asturias

10 April, 2015

Located in a municipality that doesn’t get a lot of attention (called El Franco), Castello beach is not in the spotlight too much either. That doesn’t mean you won’t find it crowded in high season, it means you will most surely find it empty in low season 馃檪

Like we did when we were there, mostly during spring weekends.
Stairs to the Castello beach in Asturias, SpainWhy isn’t Castello beach so popular with tourists? Well, it has to do with location, lack of amenities and, most of all, lack of publicity.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to preserving the beach and the environment.

So what’s with its location and amenities?

Well, El Franco is not a very centric municipality and its beaches are rather unknown, even if Castello, for example, is rather extended (400 meters is a lot for Asturias) and has parking (not big, I’m afraid).

That alone makes Castello very, very accessible (but not accessible to people with limited mobility, I’m afraid Pormenande beach is the only option for people in wheelchairs).

But hey, at least there’s a road passing by!) and lifeguard in high season (ok, weekends only and bank holidays).

Right across the road there’s a small picnic area, there are stairs that will leave you right on the beach but other than that Castello is pretty untouched. No showers, toilets, nothing.

It’s a beach of boulders (that vary from biiiig to rather small and even patches of sand near the water) surrounded by cliffs covered with pine trees.

Western side of the Castello beach in Asturias, SpainCastello beach in Asturias, Spain

The cliffs are not very safe, so make sure you stay away from them, especially if you visit the beach after heavy rains.

Western side of the Castello beach in Asturias, SpainAt the extremities there are rocks in the water which are a good place to go fishing (even underwater fishing) – my advice is to take your time and explore these rocks cause you might find interesting marine life there!

You can get to Castello by foot, by car or by bike. Since the parking is extremely small (5 cars max, maybe) my suggestion is to not expect to find it empty and have a plan B at hand.

By bike you can get here from the nearby villages, the most important ones being La Caridad towards West and Cartavio towards East.

There’s a coastal footpath that links all the beaches of Asturias (called the E-9 trail) but you can also just take a walk just along the coastline of El Franco (start at the Pormenande beach and finish at Castello).

This way you will discover more interesting beaches along the way, not all of them accessible – but all of them easy to spot if you download our beach app Asturplaya 馃檪

Weather at the Castello beach


Video: Castello beach

Castello, an extended beach in El Franco, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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