Panoramic view of the Carniciega beach in Asturias, Spain

Carniciega beach, Gozón, Asturias

2 April, 2015

You’ll probably see the images of the Carniciega beach and think you’ve seen them before or maybe I got all confused and published here some images from the Verdicio beach. There might be a better explanation for the similarity, since these 2 beaches are actually close neighbors. I like to call them “twin sisters” cause they are almost one. They actually join with low tide and are very similar… but not identical 🙂

Sand dunes at the Carniciega beach in Asturias, SpainLet’s start with the beginning. Carniciega is quite popular here in Asturias and you might find it under different names, like Carriciega or de Barquera.

You can reach it by foot, by bike or by car and, if you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you might know that I discourage the use of a car if you have a better alternative.

How do you get here? From Luanco or Avilés – the AS-328 and GO-9 roads will leave you at the Verdicio beach which has a huuuuuge parking in the summer (always full, unfortunately).

If you download our beach app Asturplaya you won’t have any problems finding Carniciega, don’t worry!

Carniciega also has a parking on the dunes but it’s rather small and heavy rains make it unreachable by destroying the access road.

And talking about the dunes, as you know from the blog posts regarding Verdicio beach and Xagó beach (close neighbors, there are more beaches surrounded by dunes in Asturias) they are quite spectacular (wait till you see the flowers in full bloom, sometimes the parking is all pink!) but also fragile.

Coming here by car and parking on the dunes is not ideal for their preservation even though they usually are declared a protected space. Rant over.

The Western side of Carniciega beach in Asturias, SpainThe Eastern side of the Carniciega beach in Asturias, Spain

The alternative?

Park your car as far as possible and walk to Carniciega. It’s a pleasant walk along the coastline and it will uncover for you more than one beach. There is a coastal footpath that links the lighthouse of Cape Peñas with the one in San Juan de Nieva – it’s called PR-AS25 and you can take it from any point in between these two lighthouses. Walk, breathe and enjoy the landscape!
The Carniciega beach seen from El Fornón peninsula, in Asturias, Spain
So what is here? Carniciega is a rather extended (340 meters long) beach of sand and rocks.

It’s surrounded by sand dunes and located West of the El Fornón peninsula that separates it from Verdicio beach. It benefits from a lifeguard service in the summer but it has no amenities – you can use the ones at Verdicio even if you have to walk a little.

There’s a beach bar at Verdicio and a restaurant nearby (open in high season only) and you can also have a picnic on the cliffs if you find space.

Carniciega is a good fishing spot but not suitable for surf. Verdicio is the beach for you in case you’re into surf so don’t panic 🙂

While here, take a look towards East towards the cliffs and islets near the horizon. If you wonder what is there I might have the answer: it’s Cape Peñas, maybe the most visited cape in Asturias.

The lighthouse on the cliffs is open for visitors and it’s where a tourism information office is located. Go pay a visit and say “hi” for me 🙂

Carniciega beach in Asturias, Spain

Weather at Carniciega beach


Video: Carniciega beach, Asturias

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