Campofrío beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Campofrío beach, Cudillero, Asturias

3 December, 2014

Campofrío is a prolongation of the Aguilar beach located in Muros de Nalón – without knowing anything about the area, going there you won’t actually see 2 different beaches but only one occupying the entire cove.

Why are there two beaches in the first place?
Western side of the Campofrio beach in Cudillero, Asturias, SpainWell, as usual, a river flows into the sea at this beach and this river (seen in the image to the left) is the limit between the municipality of Cudillero and Muros de Nalón. So Campofrío “is the property” of Cudillero and the rest of the beach is part of the Aguilar beach.

A really small beach (75 meters), Campofrío is limited to the East by the Aguilar river (a rather small one that in the summer does not pose any issue at all) and the to West by the Gaviero Tip (one weird looking piece of land… I see a sleeping dragon there).

It’s a beach of sand, rocks and boulders that almost disappears with high tide, the water covering it all except a small area of boulders near the walls of the promenade (yes, there is a promenade surrounding both beaches!)

But with low tide the beach becomes a wider area to explore.

While the Central and Eastern areas are made of sand, the Western one is scattered with rocks and you can continue exploring well along the coastline (the rocks in Asturias are hosts to numerous marine creatures that will keep you entertained till high tide again).

More technical info about Campofrío beach

Campofrío is not accessible for people with limited mobility (like Aguilar is) and the stairs to the beach were recently repaired.

Campofrío beach seen from aboveIt does not have amenities (but you can use the ones that Aguilar has) and the lifeguard service is also at the Aguilar beach. And the beach bar & restaurant too!

The parking is rather small because the space there is “stolen” by the cliffs so you might not find a parking spot especially during summer weekends when the place is truly crowded.

But you can get here by foot too by taking the coastal footpath called “The Green Trail” that links all the beaches of Muros de Nalón. The trail starts either here or at the opposite end, in the parking of EL Garruncho beach in Muros and will uncover a few more beaches along the way.

Thrilling for everyone, not only trekkers, believe me!

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Weather at the Campofrío beach


Video: Campofrío beach in Cudillero

Campofrío beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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