Campiecho beach in Cadavedo, Asturias, Spain

Campiecho beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

A tourist seeing pictures with the Campiecho beach on the Internet might live with the impression that this beach has frozen in time. That’s because the main attraction point of the beach (from a photographer’s point of view) is not the beach itself or the impressive cliffs surrounding it but… a boat.

Boat at the Campiecho beach in Asturias, Spain
I might joke it’s a magic boat because it seems to always be in the same spot, all the time, in all the images. As if nobody moved it from its place in decades. Then how come it looks as if new? 🙂

Boat aside, Campiecho beach is quite popular here in Asturias, mainly because it’s easy to get here (by car, bicycle or on foot) and that, in itself, is a truly amazing thing 🙂

Ok, ok, I may joke a lot, but it is amazing, really. Most of the beaches of Valdés are secluded, hard to find and climbing down to them might kill you. So, you have to admit, Campiecho is a champion already just for having a tarmac road to it.

So, how do you get here?

Well, we got here by foot from the village of Villademoros but you can also do the same by foot from the village of Cadavedo (just leave the car somewhere outside the village and continue on foot). We did that because, although there is a tiny tiny parking at the beach, it will most surely be crowded during high season. Also, the road is quite narrow.

Western side of the Campiecho beach in Asturias, Spain

I believe it’s better and more pleasant to walk 500-1000 meters to the beach, crossing the woods, than getting all grumpy trying to park the car where it does not fit.

Once here you will first see some sort of seafood farm and then some sheds where fishermen guard their tools. And the famous pink boat, of course 🙂

Campiecho is a rather extended beach (450 meters long) of boulders and very little sand, without amenities and with no lifeguard service during high season. It is a good fishing spot, lots of people preferring the underwater fishing near the rocks at both its Western and Eastern side.

With high tide the beach almost disappears, but low tide will uncover a lot of caves ready to be explored and lots of rocks that link Campiecho and its neighbors: towards East you’ll find Fontaniecha beach and towards West Quintana / Plumineru beach (if I lost you with all these names just download our beach app Asturplaya and let it make the route to each of these beaches).

The pierced rock at its Western side is also quite photogenic 🙂

Plenty to do around here!

Weather at the Campiecho beach


Video: Campiecho beach in Cadavedo

Campiecho beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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