Panoramic view of the Cambaredo beach in El Franco, Asturias, Spain

Cambaredo beach, El Franco, Asturias

14 April, 2015

A rather unknown beach for most of the tourists visiting Asturias, Cambaredo is one of my favorite beaches in the municipality of El Franco. That kind of beach that, no matter how often you visit, still surprises you with something new and spectacular.

Waterfall at the Eastern side of the Cambaredo beach in Asturias, Spain

This time (April of 2015th) it happened to prove that, given enough wind, a waterfall can fall upwards 馃檪

I have no video to show you and the images are not quite telling, but on a sunny but extremely windy spring day the waterfall at the Cambaredo beach put on quite a show for up, by falling the opposite way… and spraying us, of course.

So what is this place?

As the norm in El Franco, Cambaredo is a beach of boulders, pebbles and almost no sand at all. Rather extended (220 meters is a lot for Asturias) it’s not hard to find but you won’t find any indicators to help you.

The best bet is to download our beach app Asturplaya and let it guide you to this place.

The app will take you close to the (very small) parking that is built for this beach (it might get extended in the summer by transforming a nearby meadow though).

In front you will see a picnic area that you will have to cross and a footpath entering the woods.

Follow it and after 500-1000 meters you will reach the stairs that will leave you right on the beach. You’ll see this (it gets way bigger with low tide):

Western side of the Cambaredo beach in Asturias, SpainEastern side of the Cambaredo beach in Asturias, Spain

There are no amenities at the beach nor lifeguard in high season. With low tide Cambaredo almost disappears so take this into account when deciding to visit.
Western side of the Cambaredo beach in Asturias, Spain

All year round, Cambaredo is a good fishing spot, even for underwater fishing.

In the summer it might get crowded, especially during weekends, but outside high season you might even find it empty.

Take advantage of this and explore the beach from one end to the other.

Be cautious though: the cliffs are quite fragile especially after heavy rain – don’t get too close cause rocks might fall.

Landslide here are quite common during winter and spring so pay a little attention to the cliffs or stay away from them completely and you’ll be fine.

Weather at the Cambaredo beach


Video: Cambaredo beach

Cambaredo beach, the hidden jewel of El Franco, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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