Borizu beach in Llanes, Spain - panoramic view

Borizu beach, Llanes, Asturias

15 July, 2016

Borizu is one of the beaches of the village of Celorio, in Llanes, Asturias. If you have ever been to Llanes then you know that this is a big thing. If you haven’t been here before, you are about to find out why with just mentioning the village of Celorio it should be a good enough recommendation.
Borizu beach and islet in Celorio, Llanes, Asturias
You can get to the beach of Borizu by car, by foot or by bicycle – as usual, my advice is to avoid taking the car unless you really have to.

Parking anywhere in Llanes in the summer is a complete nightmare and Celorio is so small that you really can reach all its beaches by foot following the E-9 coastal trail.

Once here you will see that Borizu is almost an urban beach: it is surrounded by bars and restaurants, there are campings nearby, a lot of rural houses if you don’t like hotels much.

It has a small parking, showers and lifeguard during the summer months. I did not see any toilets but the officials say it has (since there are so many bars around you will not find this to be a problem at all, I hope).

It is also accessible for people with limited mobility, like many beaches in Asturias are.

It owes its name to the islet that is has in front, called Borizo or Arnielles – with high tide the islet is in the water but low tide uncovers a huge surface of white, fine sand, with a peculiar interesting shape – at its Easter side a new beach mysteriously appears – its name is La Cabrera.

Small pools form among the rocks at low tide which make children really happy…for a while. You will have plenty to explore at the beach of Borizu and I hope you will be enchanted by it. I know I am.

Celorio and the beaches that you will find around it

This village is one of the most amazing ones in Asturias. Not the typical fishing village like Luanco, Luarca, Tazones, Llastres, etc, Celorio is popular because being so tiny it has the biggest number of beaches – from West to East they are: Troenzo, Tayada, Borizu, La Cabrera (located right towards East and joining Borizu with low tide), Palombina, Las Cámaras, La Nixón, El Penal, La Capilla (de San Martín), San Martín and Portiellu de San Martín.

Some of them are accessible by foot, some are not. Some of them completely disappear with high tide and half of them don’t even show up on official maps. This is the main reason why we created our beach app Asturplaya – we wanted to show you more beaches than the local tourism board wanted you to know, but without endangering your life (so we are not showing all we have seen so far).

Weather at the Borizu beach


Video: Borizu beach in Llanes

Borizu beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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