Barchinas beach in Valdés, Asturias, Spain

Barchinas beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

You will find this beach under more than one name: it’s called Barchinas but also Vachinas or Vallino. Not sure if you will see this name on maps since this beach is quite secluded and has no (visible) descent. Not to mention the complete lack of any amenities or parking.

Then why do I write about it and why did I include it in our app with all the beaches of Asturias?
The Western side of the Barchinas beach in Valdés, Asturias, Spain

It’s a beach that you will see if you love trekking and decide one day to take a walk around Cape Busto, one of the most popular capes (and lighthouses) in Asturias.

It happens that there is a trail called PR-AS4 around this cape that links a lot of beaches. It starts at the Bozo beach (or even further away, at Cueva/La Arena beach) and ends at the Eastern side of Barchinas.

Once in a while there are viewpoints to admire the ocean cause most of these beaches have no descent or are mainly used by fishermen (so have a trail going down, but a fragile one).

From this trail you will be able to see Barchinas from both angles – you can see that in the gallery above. To the West you will admire the Serrón beach and behind Barchinas towards East you can see the spectacular beach called Punxéu.

It’s an extremely beautiful and extended beach – it has 420 meters and is mostly made of boulders and gravel (sandy beaches are not the norm around this cape).

What I find astonishing about Barchinas and all the beaches along this trail is how vertical the cliffs around them are.

Take a closer look at the pictures, these cliffs are amazing – you can also see this if you read about Santa Ana beach another hidden beach a bit further East (this one has a descent though, an an easy albeit long one).

Vertical cliffs surround the Barchinas beach in Asturias, Spain

The sea is restless here and it constantly shapes the beaches and the rocks around them – you will find a lot of pierced rocks around the coastline of Valdés and also a lot of landslides shaping the cliffs.

One small comment about the beaches of Valdés

What I am trying to say with this blog and the beach app Asturplaya is that Asturias is beautiful even on cloudy days or outside high season. With more than 300 beaches and coves to choose from, there really are beaches to satisfy all kind of tourists – beaches are not only for playing volleyball, swimming and building sand castles, there is such a variety of beautiful places in Asturias that there must be admirers for this kind of secluded coves too. If you haven’t seen such a beauty before, now is time to make plans and buy a pair of good boots 🙂

Weather at the Barchinas beach


Video: Barchinas beach

Barchinas beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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