Arenal de Moris beach - panoramic view

Arenal de Morís beach, Caravia, Asturias

11 October, 2014

An extended, sandy beach like all the beaches in Caravia, Arenal de Morís is also a beach where surf championships are held every year.
Arenal De Moris beach in Caravia
Its shape is a little peculiar, almost as if it’s actually 2 beaches divided by a small peninsula surrounded by rocks.

Stairs and an accessible entry point were built on its Western side only but you can reach the Eastern side easily from there (there are stairs climbing down to the Western right from where the last parking is located and then from the peninsula).

You can reach Arenal de Morís
by car (there’s an European highway and the National N-632 road passing nearby) but the most interesting way (my suggestion) is to follow the coastal path GR-204 (also called Camino Real or The Royal Trail) that links all the beaches in Caravia – if you get lost the app AsturPlaya can take you there, download it now!

The Camino Real trail starts at the Espasa beach and follows the coastline till Arenal de Morís passing near Beciella beach too – here is a map you will constantly see along the way:

Footpath GR 204 linking all the beaches in Caravia

Some extra info about Arenal de Morís

Really long beach (770 meters wide) of sand and very few rocks with all the amenities you need: showers, toilets, lifeguard, 2 parkings (a big one a bit further away and a small one close to the beach), a beach bar, a picnic area and a children playground. It’s accessible and a good fishing and surfing spot.

It also has a camping nearby. Really, it has it all!

Weather at Arenal de Morís


Video: Arenal de Morís beach

We filmed the beach on 2 different days: one of them was sunny, one was on a winter stormy day.

Arenal de Morís beach in Caravia, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

Timelapse: sunset at the Arenal de Morís beach

Sunset at Arenal de Morís beach in Asturias – timelapse summer of 2014 from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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