Arbeyal beach in Asturias - panoramic view of the beach and of the city

Arbeyal beach, Gijón, Asturias

2 December, 2014

Arbeyal is the most western beach in the municipality of Gijón, one of the 3 urban ones that are actually located in the city – the other 2 being the Poniente beach and the San Lorenzo beach.

Arbeyal beach and the city of Gijón in the background

For me Arbeyal and the Poniente beach are quite similar except for the fact that Poniente is a bit bigger.

Both suffered a makeover in order to improve the image of a mostly industrial neighborhood and indeed they managed to do just that, both have a slightly reddish fine sand and are very dynamic.

Nowadays Arbeyal beach is a place filled with people of all ages practicing sports, children playing on the beach and tourists discovering its secrets.

Just like Poniente, Arbeyal is a very active and social beach and the idea behind the makeover was just that: open the space for the people living in the neighborhood of La Calzada, change the aspect of the area, attract youngsters and tourists in the area.

This is why this beach has a volleyball area, an extensive promenade where you can skate and practice sports, children playground, a parking for cars and caravans and lots of amenities (showers, toilets).

It benefits from a lifeguard service during high season and major holidays, has a picnic area in a small pine forest and is accessible for people with limited mobility.

Around Arbeyal you will find a lot more beaches (to the West in the municipality of Carreño and to the East in Gijón), some hidden, some not – if you are willing to find more feel free to download our beach app AsturPlaya!

Weather forecast for Gijón and all its beaches


Video: El Arbeyal beach in Gijón

Timelapse: sunset in Gijón

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