Antilles or Cué beach in Llanes, Asturias - panoramic view

Antilles beach, Llanes, Asturias

4 April, 2018

Locals and people familiar with this beach call it Antilles. Maps and guides of the Llanes coastline might show it as Cué beach so be warned that they are the same beach. And what a beach it is!!

In our beach app Asturplaya you’ll find it under both names – download it today and enjoy the experience 🙂

Antilles beach in Cué, Llanes, Asturias, SpainFirst of all, Antilles has a really impressive color! Be it spring, summer or winter, as long as it’s sunny outside the water has this amazing turquoise color that’s not very easy to find here in Asturias.

The beaches of the municipality of Llanes and Antilles beach are the exception and you’ll agree with me once you visit this place, I’m sure!

Second of all Antilles has a peculiar shape and you never know exactly how big it is.

I noticed that with low tide the sand reaches the biggest islet in front (called Isla Grande = The Big Island) but the problem is that low tide doesn’t last very long and the sand is gone in no time. Well, almost 🙂

What else makes Antilles so special?

Well, the other two islets of course! The one in front in the biggest but there are 2 more towards its Eastern side that are reachable with low tide, walking or swimming.

It’s easy to see all 3 of them since you will most probably reach the beach by car, by bike or by foot from the village of Cué and you’ll have the opportunity to admire it from above (yep, the beach is downhill).

If trekking is your thing then you might want to try and take the E-9 footpath and see more beaches around Antilles. Actually E-9 is a trail that closely follows the coastline of the entire Asturias but segments of it are a good option if you only want to see part of the region.

You can start in the village of Llanes and walk towards East as much as your legs can take you. Antilles will be just one of the many beaches you’ll have the pleasure to discover 🙂

Antilles beach in Cué, Llanes, Asturias, SpainAntilles beach in Cué, Llanes, Asturias, Spain

Once here you’ll first see that there’s a restaurant on top of the hill, a rather small parking (you can park in the village of Cué and walk to the beach stress free instead of trying to find a parking spot where it obviously doesn’t exist).

Antilles beach in Cué, Llanes, Asturias, SpainIt’s also possible that this parking might get extended during high season by allowing tourists to park on the meadows.

Walk further and you’ll start to see the beach, a picnic area towards East and a small peninsula in the middle with a beach bar waiting for you.

In the past Antilles used to have lifeguards in high season but this has changed and local council will decide their existence on a yearly basis (I’ll try and keep this post up-to-date).

At the moment it has showers, toilets at the beach bar and it’s accessible for people with limited mobility although the amount of pointy stones might make it difficult to reach the sand in a wheelchair. There are no wooden platforms to make things easier.

Once here you might not see the beach, depending on the tide.

High tide hides it completely, Low tide uncovers a large surface of fine, golden sand on both sides of the beach with sharp rocks scattered here and there.

It’s a rather long beach (380 meters long) but not extremely wide and it’s also a good place to go fishing.

Weather at the Antilles beach


Video: Antilles beach in Cué, Llanes

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